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Saturday, September 30th

  1. Discover Insect Pinning Workshop

Saturday, October 14th

  1. New Moon Hike & Drum Circle

Saturday, November 11th

  1. Needle Felting Snowmen Class

Saturday, November 18th

  1. Needle Felting Santas Class

Help Eco-J build a solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging station!

The solar pergola will provide a new outdoor education meeting space for field trips as well as reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy. Your $500 donation purchases one solar panel, but you can donate any amount toward the project!

The solar array will be attached to a pergola base. The structure will serve as an EV charging station for the parking lot as well as a teaching & meeting space for school groups. Four Level 1 chargers will be mounted on the posts of the pergola, and three Level 2 chargers will be mounted to posts in the parking lot. The amount of energy expected to be produced is 25,750 kWhs.

Eco-J is located just south of the WE Energies Oak Creek Power plant, which is a coal-based plant. The smoke stacks can be seen from our property so it provides an interesting juxtaposition with the renewable energy we are producing. This provides a perfect teaching opportunity about renewable energy, climate change, and our impacts on the environment. The solar pergola will serve as a meeting point for field trips as children are coming off of the bus, a teaching tool, and a way to decrease the amount of non-renewable energy we are using.

We need your help to make this a reality. Donate now!