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Tuesday, March 19th

  1. Spring Equinox Celebration

Saturday, March 23rd

  1. Needle Felting Bunnies

Saturday, April 27th

  1. Needle Felting Gnomes

Saturday, May 11th

  1. Needle Felting Mushrooms

Learning with Alpacas & Goats

The Growing Healthy program is a nutrition education program serving all of the Racine Unified School District's first-graders. Every October, students come to Eco-J to experience a healthy food taste test in the garden and get up close to an alpaca or goat while learning about digestion. In addition, children learn skills like voice and body regulation and how to channel their excitement appropriately.

“We use the animals to help children think about how to positively interact with others in a way that everyone feels safe and relaxed,” says Katie Flannery, Education Program Manager & Developer. “Children get to have one-on-one encounters with either alpacas or goats where they can practice reading body language and trying new things. This is a great opportunity for children to step out of their comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment.”