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Upcoming Events

Saturday, January 25th

  1. Wet Felting
    • Start time: 9:30 am
    • End time: 1:30 pm

Wednesday, February 5th

  1. Erosion Book Discussion
    • Start time: 6:30 pm
    • End time: 7:30 pm

Saturday, February 8th

  1. Mending Bee
    • Start time: 9:00 am
    • End time: 12:00 pm

Wednesday, February 12th

  1. Erosion Book Discussion
    • Start time: 6:30 pm
    • End time: 7:30 pm
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Through leadership and education, we work for justice, healing, and right relationships among all Creation.


  • Community: We strive to cultivate creative and diverse communities that embody holistic relationships.
  • Justice: We advocate and act to promote, support, and create healthier ecosystems that restore right relationships.
  • Reverence: We recognize and honor our interdependence with Creation, humbly learning from the wisdom of Nature.
  • Sense of Place: We care for Earth on a living, working farm, while rooted in the tradition of the Racine Dominicans and in the history of this land. 

Goats Have Fun at Eco-Justice Center of Racine