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Double the impact of your donation this Holiday

In case you missed the news, we’re expanding our alpaca barn to accommodate five new alpacas. We need your help to make this a reality.

Thanks to an extremely generous donor, if we raise $2000 by Dec. 31st, they will match it with $2000! This would allow us to complete the building, including new gates and rubber floor mats, in addition to new fencing for additional pastureland.

Our alpacas are an essential part of the Eco-Justice Center. The founding sisters used alpaca fiber for spinning, felting, and knitting. Their manure is a natural fertilizer for the gardens. In addition to having memorable interactions with the alpacas, our summer camp children and hundreds of first-graders in our Growing Healthy program also learned about nutrition and digestion by comparing our teeth and stomach to that of our furry friends. We want to be able to continue this tradition with alpacas at Eco-J.

The average lifespan of an alpaca is between 15-20 years old. Since our herd is aging (ages 13, 16, 17 and 17), we’d been considering getting more alpacas. In early August we were approached by someone who owned a hobby farm in northern Wisconsin. She was looking to rehome her alpacas due to an illness in her family. We traveled to see the herd and decided on a group of 5 males. The new alpacas are between 1-4 years old so will hopefully be at Eco-J for the next 15+ years!

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