What We Do


We offer tours, field trips, summer camps, adult programs, as well as annual events like 'Pacas & Pints in July/August and Eco-J Discovery Days in September. But you don’t have to be signed up for an event to explore and experience the wonderful grounds at Eco-J. Bring the family for a picnic, explore our gardens, take a walk in the fresh-fallen snow. Beauty and community are everywhere at Eco-J. We provide a safe and welcoming outdoor space for all.

Community Connections

As we strive to serve as a catalyst for regional transformation, we recognize that food is one area of need: eight percent of Racine County (mostly within the city of Racine) is considered a food desert, which means residents have inadequate access to affordable fresh food. The Farm Corps program addresses these issues of food justice, hunger, and sustainability in our community.

Our ability to weave the garden and it’s bounty into field trips, summer camps, and school programs helps people connect with their communities, connect them to their local food systems, and expose them to healthy food that results in healthy eating habits. 30% of our yearly harvest is shared with those in need through Racine's food pantries. 

Sustainable Solutions

Mitigating climate change is a vital land stewardship goal of the Eco-Justice Center. Although on a small scale, we work to sequester carbon through planting trees and creating biochar, and improve water quality as it flows through the property with the restoration of a riparian buffer.  Another goal is preserving the farm buildings that date from the 1870's onward. When our society is prone to tear down rather than fix up, when culture says that bigger and newer is better than smaller and older, we aim to model sustainable practices, reverencing the land and all who have lived in this place before us.