Who We Are

The Eco-Justice Center is an environmental education center and organic farm founded by Racine Dominican Sisters in 2004. As a ministry partner of the Racine Dominicans, we promote exploration, connection and education around sustainable growing practices and healthier ecosystems. We do this through our one-of-a-kind, on-site organic farm and 15-acre grounds.

Activities to bring people together. We offer programming for lifelong learning as well as volunteer opportunities for those of all faiths, races and socio-economic backgrounds. You don’t have to be signed up for an event to explore and experience the wonderful grounds at Eco-J. Bring the family for a picnic, explore our gardens, take a walk in the fresh-fallen snow. Beauty and community are everywhere at Eco-J. We provide a safe and welcoming outdoor space for all.

Education and collaboration that strengthen our community. We work for better ways to serve our planet and our community. Through education and giving back to our surrounding community, we strengthen the bonds we have with each other and with the earth. From the fruits of our gardens that help to stock local food shelves, to environmental education that provides programming to surrounding schools, we use the resources we have to make our mark in a sustainable way to and for those around us.

Sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow. The funds Eco-J raises- through events, campaigns and programming – go toward solutions and education to decrease our carbon footprint and increase options in sustainability. Alternative energy, organic farming, working in harmony with the land are all ways in which we do our part to ensure a better tomorrow.

   Our Mission: Through leadership and education, we work for justice, healing, and right relationships among all Creation.