Gift Shop

Although our grounds remain closed to the public until the end of the year, our gift shop will be open during Fall Festival week on the following dates & times:

  • Sept. 20   9 - Noon
  • Sept. 23   9 - 11am & 4-6pm
  • Sept. 27   9 - Noon

If you are interested in purchasing items outside of these times, please message us on Facebook or call (262) 681-8527 x2. We will arrange for a no-contact pick up.


Eco-J Animal Masks

Alpacas, chickens, goats, bees and wildflowers. Available in adult and children's sizes.

$10 each


1 lb jar made by bees on Eco-J grounds in cooperation with a local beekeeper. Availability varies with the season.


Jellies, Jams and Syrups - Eco Justice Center

Jellies & Jams

Made by the residents of the Eco-Justice Center, from local berries. 

1/2 Pint: $5

Eco-J Animal Puzzles

500 piece puzzles featuring photos of our Eco-J animals! Limited quantity.

$35 each

Felted alpaca clutch

Clutch felted with alpaca fiber and lined with fabric on the inside. 

Prices vary with size & detailing.

Felted animals

Felted animals and ornaments made from fiber from our alpacas and sheep wool.

Prices vary with size.

Apparel and T-Shirts - Eco-Justice Center

Eco-J Apparel

Dark green t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, and hooded sweatshirts with the Eco-Justice Center logo are available in youth and adult sizes.

Child t-shirt: $12, Adult t-shirt: $15, Child long-sleeved tee: $15, Adult long-sleeved tee: $18, Child hoodie: $22, Adult hoodie: $25

Felted Alpaca Hat - Eco Justice Center

Felted Alpaca Hat

Handmade from the fiber of the alpacas at the Eco-Justice Center, each hat is unique and very warm. 

Hat $80 with $20 payment upfront

Knit Alpaca Scarf - Eco Justice Center

Knit Alpaca Scarf

Handmade from the fiber of the alpacas at the Eco-Justice Center and knit by Sr. Janet Weyker.

Scarf $62

Alpaca Yarn & Roving - Eco Justice Center

Alpaca Yarn & Roving

Made from the fiber of the alpacas at the Eco-Justice Center. The yarn is spun by Sr. Janet Weyker.

Yarn: $7.00/ounce