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Wet Felting

Saturday, January 25, 2020 9:30am - 1:30pm

Guided by Sister Janet Weyker, you can learn to create functional items out of beautiful, soft alpaca fiber.  From skirting (cleaning) and carding alpaca fiber to the actual process, this class will leave you equipped with the basics of water felting.  Participants will make and take home a simple hand-felted item such as a purse, eye-glass pouch or necklace.  $45 includes all materials and homemade soup lunch.  Limited to 6 participants. 
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Book Discussion Series - "Erosion"

Weekly Discussions beginning February 5th, 2020 at 6:30PM, ending March 11th. 

In this reoccurring, weekly book discussion, we will be divulging into the essays written by Terry Tempest Williams in the book, "Erosion."
"Terry Tempest Williams's fierce, spirited, and magnificent essays are a howl in the desert. She sizes up the continuing assaults on America's public lands and the erosion of our commitment to the open space of democracy. She asks: "How do we find the strength to not look away from all that is breaking our hearts?"

We know the elements of erosion: wind, water, and time. They have shaped the spectacular physical landscape of our nation. Here, Williams bravely and brilliantly explores the many forms of erosion we face: of democracy, science, compassion, and trust. She examines the dire cultural and environmental implications of the gutting of Bear Ears National Monument—sacred lands to Native Peoples of the American Southwest; of the undermining of the Endangered Species Act; of the relentless press by the fossil fuel industry that has led to a panorama in which "oil rigs light up the horizon." And she testifies that the climate crisis is not an abstraction, offering as evidence the drought outside her door and, at times, within herself.

These essays are Williams's call to action, blazing a way forward through difficult and dispiriting times. We will find new territory—emotional, geographical, communal. The erosion of desert lands exposes the truth of change. What has been weathered, worn, and whittled away is as powerful as what remains. Our undoing is also our becoming."

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Mending Bee

Saturday February 8th, 2020 9:00am - 12:00pm

Stop in with your mending pile! Enjoy good company as you patch holes, darn socks or sew on buttons. S. Rose Marie Dischler and S. Mary Ann Weyker will be your mending mentors. You may also work on other handwork projects.