Sponsor an Animal

Sponsoring Eco-Justice Center Animals

One of the ways you can be part of the mission of the Eco-Justice Center is through our "Sponsor an Animal" program. We share these 15 acres with alpacas, chickens, geese, guinea fowl, barn cats, and honey bees.

Part of our budget goes toward paying for food, bedding, and vet costs. Sponsoring an animal entails making a donation to the Eco-Justice Center to help support these costs. All the animals listed are available to an unlimited number of sponsors. 

With a year sponsorship, you receive a certificate with a photo of your animal along with fun facts. 

If you would like to sponsor one or several of our animals, please fill out and and send the sponsorship form with your donation to Eco-Justice Center, 7133 Michna Rd., Racine, WI 53402. 

Below are our animals that are available for sponsorship.

  Animal Name Sponsorship cost   Animal Name Sponsorship cost
  Alpaca Weyker $100   Goat Dudley $75
  Alpaca Kevin $100   Cat Patch $50
  Alpaca Theo $100   Chicken Cooper $12
  Alpaca Grant $100   Chicken Sunshine $12
  Alpaca Jameson $100   Chicken Penny (Mad hatter) $12
  Alpaca Dominic $100   Chicken Scarlet $12
  Alpaca Eduardo $100   Chicken Karen $12
  Goat Patty Kay $75   Chicken Pepper $12
  Goat Lily $75   Guinea fowl Journey $10
  Goat Daisy $75   Guinea fowl Zelda $10