Executive Director
S. Rejane Cytacki
(262) 681-8527 Ext. 1#

Program & Communications Coordinator
Nik Chapman
(262) 681-8527 Ext. 2#

Racine Area Youth Farm Corps Program Manager
Dawn DeMuyt
(262) 681-8527 Ext. 3#

Program Assistant
Sarah Ronnevik
(262) 681-8527 Ext. 3#

Jeff Appenzeller


Board of Directors:

Sharon Simon, OP President

Laura Feider Vice-President

Rosalie Lauer, OP Secretary

Jeanne Gramza, Treasurer

S. Jane Weiss, OP, Sponsorship Office

Stacie Havron

Jerry Peterson

Rick Fare

Gayle Bogdanowitz, OP

Many more people donate their time and talent to the Center by serving on one of our active committees, which include the Governance, Program, Development, Finance, and Buildings & Grounds Committees.

Are you looking for a way to serve in our community? Contact us to learn more about joining a committee or becoming a board member.