Vision, Mission, Values


Sowing community for a fertile future.


Through leadership and education, we work for justice, healing, and right relationships among all Creation.


Community: We strive to cultivate creative and diverse communities that embody holistic relationships.
Justice: We advocate and act to promote, support, and create healthier ecosystems that restore right relationships.
Reverence: We recognize and honor our interdependence with Creation, humbly learning from the wisdom of Nature.
Sense of Place: We care for Earth on a living, working farm, while rooted in the tradition of the Racine Dominicans and in the history of this land.


Created in 2019, our current Vision, Mission & Values were developed in the spirit of the original Vision, Mission & Values:

Vision: Justice for Earth
Mission: Environmental education and care of Earth in the context of Community, Contemplation, Creativity and Cultivation
Values: Conservation, Education, Sustainability